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600 ready to use diagnostic questions

The AAAS website (American Association for the Advancement of Science) has a large number of topics under which you can explore the misconceptions associated with the topics, and multiple choice questions that you can then drop into your lessons.

The website takes a bit of exploring, but it’s well worth the...

Dialogue on early childhood science, mathematics,and technology education

This book is a collection of 15 papers that explore if, when, and how science, mathematics, and technology should be taught to preschool children. The papers were commissioned by AAAS for the February 1998 Forum on Early Childhood Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education in Washington, D.C., where, at the...

Laboratories and classrooms in science and engineering

This item is one of over 25,000 physical resources available from the Resources Collection. The Archive Collection covers over 50 years of curriculum development in the STEM subjects. The Contemporary Collection includes all the latest publications from UK educational publishers.

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