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Activity cards (floating and sinking, measuring heat, magnetism, using a lever)

A collection of activity cards. The set includes:

  • Floating and sinking
  • Measuring heat
  • Magnetism
  • Using a lever

Ears and hearing (read and do)

Text and photographs provide examples of a number of items and describe the sounds they produce. Explains how sound can be modified by the shape of the ear, with the use of technical aids,...

Eyes and looking (read and do)

Explains how helpful our eyes are and suggests things to do to provide visual experiences.

Hot and cold (read and do)

Text and images introducing the topic of heat, including touch, staying warm and cool and air movement.

Light and dark (read and do)

Shows why we need light, looks at flashlights and candles, compares plants grown with and without enough light, and tells how our eyes adjust to the light.

Quiet and loud (read and do)

Shows things which make loud and quiet sounds, suggests experiments to show the effect of distance on sound, and looks at places that cause echoes

Taste and smell (read and do)

Introduces the senses of taste and smell, and explains how some things are good to taste, while others are not, and how smells can tell us about things and warn us of danger.

Touch and feel (read and do)

Text and photographs explain how fingers and skin can feel shape, texture, hardness, size, weight, temperature, sharpness, and dryness, and that some people use their sense of touch to read...

Wet and dry (read and do)

Text and photographs explain through observation and simple experiments the differences between wet and dry, how things become wet or dry, and why moisture is important.

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