National Numeracy Day - 18th May 2022

National Numeracy Day showcases numeracy in everyday life and supports confidence working with numbers. This collection of resources contains number problems suitable for classroom starter and plenary tasks, as well as more in-depth activities, including ideas for embedding numeracy skills across the curriculum.

This news article written for National Numeracy Day 2021 also discusses how two of our STEM Ambassadors use numeracy day-to-day in their jobs.



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cre8ate maths

The cre8ate maths project was a CPD initiative for Yorkshire and Humberside teachers of mathematics. It features resources applying maths to key areas of the economy focusing on functional mathematics skills for Key Stage Three students. The project was developed by the Centre for Science Education and the...

Numeracy Through Problem Solving is a sequence of five modules which develop students' ability to use mathematics together with other skills. In tackling problems of concern or situations of interest in everyday life - the original definition of numeracy, which was reinforced by the Cockcroft Report. The five...

Two resources from SMILE Mathematics containing a wealth of activities ideal for use as starter activities or as part of a plenary. Both resources concentrate upon topics from number such as four rules of number, fractions, decimals, percentages, place value and types of number.

Collaboration in the Teaching of Mathematics and Numeracy

This action research report is published by LSIS. It describes a project undertaken by Middlesbrough College. The project set out to improve the teaching of mathematics and numeracy by non-specialists. It identified and disseminated good practice across the college.