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Bringing Climate Experts into Schools

Published: Apr 19, 2022 3 min read

STEM learning

Climate Ambassadors is a new initiative led by STEM Learning and the University of Reading to mobilise experts within the climate sector and support them with engaging with young people and educators. By supporting Climate Ambassadors to deliver successful interactions with young people the initiative ensures the young people of today are equipped to tackle the climate issues of tomorrow.

The scheme will link experts with local schools and colleges to receive free advice to develop their own climate plans and will support the new Department for Education Sustainability and Climate Change strategy. Climate Ambassadors will help to provide tailored advice and training to schools and colleges and run engaging climate sessions in the classroom.

Dr Alex Brown, STEM Support Programme Manager at STEM Learning said: “The new Climate Ambassador Scheme is a great opportunity for teachers to support young people in their understanding of the challenges posed by climate change to our society. By inviting climate experts into the classroom teachers can tackle stereotypes, raise aspirations, and support effective learning.”

Professor Andrew Charlton-Perez, the University of Reading climate scientist who has led the scheme’s creation, said: “The Climate Ambassador Scheme goes beyond the occasional class talk or school assembly and, importantly, is about more than just science. We believe that climate change is relevant in every classroom, across all subjects.

“Teachers have told us they would like support from top experts, giving them confidence to help their students learn about climate change with accurate and up-to-date information. Young people have been telling anyone who would listen that they need the skills and knowledge to face their future under a rapidly changing climate.”

Get involved

The new ambassador scheme can be accessed by schools and colleges, for free, through the STEM Ambassador Platform. Through the STEM Learning website and local networks anyone who works on any aspect of climate change can sign up to become a climate ambassador and any teachers can request a climate ambassador to work with them. The STEM Ambassador programme is funded by the UKRI.

Professionals who sign up to be a climate ambassador will receive a support pack and will be invited to pledge a small proportion of their working time – one to two days per year – to supporting nurseries, schools and colleges.

Experts, teachers and organisations can sign up, request support or find out more about the Climate Ambassador Scheme by visiting the Climate Ambassador webpages.

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