Competitions, challenges and enrichment activities are a fantastic way to engage young people of all ages with the world and wonder of space. Whether you learn about fitness and nutrition by training like an astronaut or enhance your STEM skills by building a satellite in a can, there are plenty of ways you can inspire young people.


    Mission X

    Mission X uses the excitement of space exploration to inspire students to learn about science, nutrition, exercise and space.

    Age range: 8-12

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  • CanSat


    The CanSat competition provides students with the opportunity to have practical experience working on a small-scale space project.

    Age range: 14-19

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    The UK Space Agency is collaborating with space agencies around the world on exploration missions to the International Space Station, the Moon and Mars. Discover more about Mars and some of the incredible missions the UK is working on.

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  • Moon Camp Challenge

    Use innovative learning technologies to design your very own Moon settlement with a 3D modelling tool.

    Age range: all

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    Astro Pi

    Conduct scientific experiments in space by writing computer programs that run on Raspberry Pi computers on-board the International Space Station. 

    Age range: 5-19

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    Climate Detectives

    An ESA school project in which students identify and investigate a climate problem, and then propose a way to help reduce the problem.

    Age range: 8-15

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Latest news

Experience a rocket launch and get a taster of the UK CanSat Competition

ESERO-UK has an opportunity for teams from schools to get their first experience of the UK CanSat competition by launching a can-sized object on a rocket.This March, there will be a chance for schools who are not already taking part in the competition to launch their first CanSat to several hundred...

Isle of Man school wins planet-naming competition

Following a public vote, the UK has named an exoplanet Cruinlagh and its host star Gloas, two suggestions put forward by a primary school on the Isle of Man.As part of a global competition launched by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) to celebrate its 100th anniversary, schools and youth organisations...

Astronaut Tim Peake attending UK Schools Conference

ESERO-UK, the UK Space Agency and the University of York are organising a Schools Space Conference in March to give students of all ages the opportunity to present their work that links to the space industry and education.Approximately 100 schools will be able to attend the conference in York, a maximum of 6...

UK public given chance to vote on new planet name

The UK public is being given the opportunity to name an exoplanet and its host star as part of a competition run by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) to celebrate its 100th anniversary.Last month, hundreds of UK schools and youth organisations submitted naming ideas, with suggestions ranging from Celtic...