Bring engineering into your primary school

Whether you're looking for resources or enrichment activities, there are plenty of ways you can inspire your pupils with the world and wonder of engineering.


Getting started

Topics for engineering projects

Explore how engineering can be used to enrich your primary curriculum.

  • Energy

    Learn all about forces, electricity, energy change and sustainability by building your own wind turbine.


  • Helping people

    Explore how engineers help improve the lives of people in the developing world through a range of global issues.

    Helping people

  • Homes and houses

    Investigate different kinds of shelters and think about problems that designers and engineers may have when building them.

    Homes and houses

  • Polar exploration

    Using the context of polar exploration, inspire pupils with these hands-on activities.

    Polar exploration

  • Space exploration

    Explore the different ways engineers help explore space, whether it's designing spacecraft, spacesuits or homes on Mars.

    Space exploration

  • Structures

    Explore lesson plans, activities and ideas to support engineering through the topic of structures.


  • Transport

    Design and make cars, bikes, gliders, boats and rockets, whilst linking to design and technology, science and literacy.


Books as hooks into engineering

Browse a range of books that use engineering as a theme. Discover how you could run a design and technology or engineering project based on a book.

  • Books for budding engineers

    Books are a fantastic way to inspire children with engineering. This list, created by UCL, highlights their favourite engineering stories.

    Browse books

  • Three little pigs

    Investigate materials for making houses, then design and make structures based on this popular children’s story. 

    Read the story

  • The tin snail

    Explore forces and mechanisms and gain a deeper understanding of the process engineers go through when they are making something new. 

    Read the story

Additional support and inspiration

Engineering resources for secondary schools

Regardless of the subject you teach, there are plenty of ways to bring engineering into your secondary school or college.

CPD to boost your confidence

Whether you are looking for residential, local or online CPD, there are plenty of ways you can develop your skills. 

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